About Us

Open Doors Slavic Ministries, Sacramento was founded by a group of Christian Volunteers. Our mission is to help impoverished families through times of crisis with emergency shelter and faith-based spiritual care in times of need. We have helped thousands of impoverished families with emergency aid during crisis periods. We have made great strides in our mission, and we are grateful to the community for your support.

Even a temporary period of being homeless can have long-term adverse effects on a family. We have begun raising funds for the Sacramento Shelter Project, and we continue to make major strides with the Children in Need project in Ukraine.

With your support we will continue our fundamental goals:

1. To continue providing emergency shelter, hot Meals and spiritual counseling to homeless families.

2. To distribute more christian tracts and literature to crisis people, to bring truth into their lives.

3. To Broaden the Reach of Our Mission, and increase our capacity to serve.
Thanks to our volunteers, donors and staff. We have come a long way to touch so many lives. Together, we can make a difference and save another person from cold life on the street, or an eternity away from grace.
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Our Impact:


Hot Meals and Food Packages
Distributed to Homeless and
People in Crisis since 2009


of People Received
Emergency Shelter
From Us


of Drug Addicted and Broken
Hearted People Receive Spiritual
Counseling and prayer from us every year.