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Why Minister in Ukraine When There Are So Many Homeless Here in the U.S.?

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Unlike the United States and other western world countries, the homeless in Ukraine receive absolutely nothing from the government when they are left without food and a warm place to stay. There is absolutely no assistance available for those without employment, food and shelter. The winters in Russia are blistering — It is not uncommon to see negative degrees on the thermometer. Every situation we deal with is a crisis, but for those without a home in Ukraine during Winter, the stakes are even higher.
There are no social programs like food stamps or cash assistance in place, so it is truly up to private outreach programs and ministries such as ours to envision, fund and produce Actions Against Hunger in Eastern Europe.
Through our Christian ministry, Action Against Hunger, we are helping to alleviate the suffering of people in Ukraine:

Kitchen for the Homeless Kitchen for the Homeless is an action against hunger we founded in 2008. Our pastor, Luganskaya oblast oversees our ministry in a small town calledBrianka. He and his wife organize volunteers to prepare the foods and manage operations for impoverished families who come to the our shelter for support.

As part of Action Against Hunger, We provide free hot lunches to the homeless and malnourished at our center every Sunday. Each time, up to 50 people with children receive hot meals. Our cost for every lunch per person is about 62 cents..

Home Shelter

We also provide shelter at our Center for approximately 20 people. This includes three meals per day, so you can see, that this action against hunger is an daily ministry to those hurt and hungry homeless folks.

Food Packages

The Ministry at the Dump

There is a city dump outside of the town of Bryanka, Luganskaya oblast, where many of the homeless live. As part of Action Against Hunger, Four times per month, we provide packages of food for 30-50 people living here. Our cost for each food package is around $2.50. These packages include a loaf of bread, a jar of mayonnaise, a pack of sausages, a soup package, and a jar of preserved meat and vegetables.

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Food Ministry to the Homeless in the City

As part of the same action against hunger, We also supply identical food packages to those in the city four times per month.

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Ministry and Counseling

Through our ministry, people are receiving counseling to overcome their addictions and the gospel to provide for their salvation and other spiritual needs and growth.

Who Carries on the Activities of Open Doors Slavic Ministries in Ukraine?

These ministries (Action Against Hunger, Homeless Shelter and Dump Ministry) are performed through a local church in Ukraine, which has the facilities and permits necessary to conduct such activities. The Pastor and his wife are both volunteers.


Currently this ministry is supported entirely by a few individuals like you. Operating a shelter and a kitchen, as part of action against hunger, requires support from the community. If you are an individual, group, or a church and would like to be involved in making a difference in the lives of these people, please contact us. Also visit our Donations page to find out the types of items we need or to make a financial contribution.

The Results of Our Ministry

Through the grace of God, and support from our community, we have been able to save lives, and improve the quality of life for countless people in crisis. We are grateful to our sponsors, and appreciate all the support we have received which has allowed us to make it this far.
Our Actions Against Hunger have made a huge difference to homeless families and children when they need it most. The success of our programs for the homeless has forged lasting relationships between families and communities. We have come a long way, and there is a lot to do — Thank you for being a part of the effort. It’s because of concerned people like you that we are able to keep it going.

Become a Partner

Please pray about becoming a partner in our ministry of action against hunger. Whether you give a one time donation, or become a continuing partner, know that your help is greatly appreciated by those in need who are within the reach of our ministry.
To learn more about how you can help and get involved in action against hunger and homeless shelter and kitchen ministry, visit our donation page where you can learn more about donating clothing, blankets, and financial resources
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Our Impact:


Hot Meals and Food Packages
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of Drug Addicted and Broken
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