Help the Aged

Why the aged homeless need urgent help?

Have you ever thought of ways, you can help the aged?  When thinking about elderly persons, you probably did not think that many of them are living in poverty. That being said, there are many homeless elderly persons, who are left out to die on the cold streets. I recently met a homeless man, who does not receive any form of Assistance from the US Government, not even food stamps. The reason is that he has a criminal record. With food and clothing prices, at some places being more so expensive, those elderly people find themselves hungry for some periods of time. And there is absolutely no one to turn to, especially if they have no relatives or no children.  Those pictures below are to inspire you to help the aged in our community. Those are the people we are working with.

PIC9 Help the Aged

If you are really interested in helping us – help the aged, let us share with you about one precious soul.  Recently, in city, not far from our Shelter, one older woman tried to kill herself, by


throwing herself under the car.  She did it, as she says, because she is homeless, and tried to get some kind of assistance in housing from government, agencies – with no results. She is partially blind. That is what had saved her life,  she did not realize the right time to throw herself under the car. She decided to do that, when she was kicked out of her friends apartment, in which she lived in the last ten years. She grew up in children’s home, and therefore has no relatives. She worked for 40 years, husband died, she said “no one needs me now.” After she was rescued from her suicide, she was taken by Russian police, and thrown again on the street. They don’t accept her to government shelter, because she does not have documents. God had sent her a person, who brought her to church. Now she lives there, and has food. Our priority is to help such people get back on the feet, get their documents in order, so they can be accepted in government shelters, before then, they are always welcome to stay in our shelter.

We work at  places, where elderly people die at a very young age. The average life expectancy in the area our organization works at is 66 years old, in reality that is often somewhere around 50 and 60 years old. Those are the kinds of older folks our organization has been helping out. Many of them are homeless. They usually spend their time at the local DUMP station, where they are searching for food and metal. This is the only way for them to survive, and many of them live in homes, that are not suitable for any living. Below, please see the actual pictures of the aged folks, we been working with and helping.PIC1B Help the AgedPIC1C Help the Aged

ABOVE: Those older women, and men are at the DUMP place in the city, where we operate a shelter, are searching for food, and metals so that they can somehow buy food for themselves. We brought them bread, hot soups and food, see on the right.

 Help the Aged


Above right: Person sleeping during Cold Winter in, homeless elder persons often – are not taken care of by any government.

Winters in Eastern Europe can reach anywhere around Minus 30 Fahrenheit, and  Minus 27Celcius.


elderly woman cold Help the Aged

 Help the Aged

Another Older homeless woman in Russia! Its practically impossible, for us to describe what those folks are going through, help us help the aged!

Those people are often found on the streets, where they are hanging out. Many have no relatives and had been left out.

What do we do?

We are a nonprofit Christian organization, that was established in 2008 in Sacramento, California, and is 501c3 100% IRS Exempt.  We are established to save the lost first here in the United States, our homeland, and then around the world.   Since then, we had helped many countless homeless folks, many of them, who are elderly, to save their lives. We have a shelter, where we provide them with daily food and clothes. Our ministry is very small, therefore we cannot take many of the other homeless, who are elderly and left on the streets. Just like weather there, so are the hearts of local government officials, who offer absolutely no help to persons in need.  Therefore because of that, we go out to the DUMP Station, and to other places, where we can help the aged, and help the aged there. To help the aged, we bring hot soups, breads and other food.  Below are the pictures from our Kitchens and shelters.

helptheaged kitchen Help the Aged

Those aged folks are eating, at the shelter’s cafeteria.

helptheaged 8 Help the Aged

helptheaged kitchen Help the Aged

helptheaged1 Help the Aged

The beds, at the shelter

helptheaged man eating Help the Aged

A homeless elder person, who had been just brought in. He was later washed, clothes exchanged, and booked in to our shelter.

What you should do?

We thank you for visiting our webpage, it means that something in you tells you, that you must “help the aged”! We encourage you not to go away, but to help us may respect to those elderly folks, who have absolutely no help from anybody!  Please help us help the aged, get involved, your, even the smallest donation, would do a big difference in the lives of those we serve. Recently, a homeless man, who stayed in our shelter, had left it. What a sad moment it was, when we heard that he had been frozen to death, during a cold winter! We could not help the aged person at that point. We must save lives together. Help us to feed, shelter and take care of those precious folks!  The aged really need your help! Your contributions are 100% tax deductible, as provided by law, therefore we encourage you to get involved, and help the aged. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, otherwise, we are asking you to sign up, and become our monthly donor so that we could help the aged, who are homeless.

Become a monthly partner, and help us honor, help and save the aged homeless folks in United States, and around the world, while they still alive and need our help!

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