Impact of Our Work

Open Doors Slavic Ministries, is a 501c3 IRS Tax Exempt, Faith-Based Organization, since its establishment in 2008, has done a tremendous impact on the lives of certain people. Thanks to blessing of Eternal God, and our dedicated donors and  responsible volunteers, without whom it all would not be possible.

As up of July 2012, we had provided more than ninety thousand, seven hundred and twenty (90,720) pieces of hot meals and food packages to homeless, and other persons in great need in our community.

Every year we provide 1920 food sets to homeless at the local dump places, where they come in search of food. Many of them have said, that our food packages are worth many, many days of their work at the dump place.


Every month we provide 1800 Hot Meals to the people, living in our Shelter., along with another 2400+ meals, provided to a visitors.

Altogether 25920 Pieces of Hot meals and Food Packages are distributed to needy – every year.

While we provide Hot Food, Emergency Shelter and other things to the needy and homeless, our purpose is to change the long-term success of every person. Many folks who come to our centers are drug addicted, alcohol addicted and hurt people, who need to be delivered from their bad habits. We are not able to deliver anyone, but we pray and ask Eternal God – to do the work in those people. So far dozens and dozens of people pass through our rehab center, and many’s lifes are being changed. The city where we operate our kitchen and shelter, is known for its alcohol addiction problem.

Once that city was flourishing, now due to economic downturn, many without jobs.  The complex problem of homelessness, drug addiction and other bad habits cannot be addressed only by the care of the peoples immediate needs. We must, and we do place a huge emphasis on taking care of peoples spiritual health.

As a result of living in our shelter, going through our programs, many people get back on track in their lives. We had wifes, who come to our center, and claim back their husbands, who were alcohol addicts before.

They see the change that is happening in their lives, and they want their family members back. This is what keeps us running. When we hear such positive stories, it raises the spirit of our volunteers and staff, to continue serving those people, and to continue opening doors to many…..

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Our Impact:


Hot Meals and Food Packages
Distributed to Homeless and
People in Crisis since 2009


of People Received
Emergency Shelter
From Us


of Drug Addicted and Broken
Hearted People Receive Spiritual
Counseling and prayer from us every year.