The True Facts about Homelessness

Have you ever seen lots of tents in a local park, or homeless people sleeping at the street end? They are there for a variety of reasons; however, we can make some generalizations about homeless people. More than 1800 of them sleep rough every night, not far from our homeless kitchen and shelter. On average, one out of ten of them are women, one out of six are under 25 years old, and one in 14 – over 60.

Why do people become homeless?

The answer to this is complicated. Our society has changed greatly in the last few decades. Social problems such as family break-up and crime have increased as the bonds of society have lessened and homelessness is one aspect of this change in society.

Our CEO, Reverend Valeriy Kesov believes that homelessness is usually a symptom of a more fundamental problem that rough sleepers have. Many are either mentally ill, physically ill, heavy drinkers or drug users. A person who sleeps rough usually had a more difficult background than most, which may lie at the root of many of these problems. Rough sleepers may find it difficult to sustain close ties with others. And the break-up of a relationship is the most common trigger for going on the street.


Once on the street, rough sleepers may find it difficult to come off. There may not be enough beds in hostels or they may have accommodation they are given as unsuitable. Some may not wish to come off the streets because they fear authority.


The reasons people begin sleeping rough are varied; each homeless person has his own story or in some cases, her own story. Nevertheless, we know that many have had difficult family background.

* Between a quarter and third of people on the street have been looked after by local authorities while they were children

* Of those in hostels for the homeless, 40% have one or more indicators of disordered family background; being in care, being sent to a young offenders institute, being suspended or expelled from school or being fostered or adopted.

We believe that many homeless people’s difficulties in later life begin here; poor parenting, parents who themselves are heavy drinkers or neglectful or abusive, can set bad examples for their children’s behaviors. Some rough sleepers go on the streets after leaving home following a dispute with parents.


This type of family background can lead to difficulties relating to other people, heavy drinking, drug abuse and mental illness. These problems, coupled with difficulties finding suitable housing and unemployment, lead to homelessness. When rough sleepers were asked what the trigger was for them first becoming homeless, the most common reason given are:

* Relation breakdown =39%

* Heavy drinking= 21%

* Losing job= 18%

* Having no money to pay for housing=13%


Those rough sleepers who do not have a drink, drug or mental health problem may find that the conditions on the streets create one. It is estimated that-

* Over half have mental health problems

* Around a half have drinking problems

* And a fifth have drug problems

Our organization has been operating since 2008. What we do, we find them, we feed them, and we provide them with a warm place to stay. Our kitchen is always open for those in need, and our shelters are always housing those precious folks. The major part of our ministry, is to provide those people with spiritual help, to get rid of drug, drinking and mental problems. The people start drinking, doing drugs and doing weird things, usually when they have tragedy in their lives, such as loss of job, loss of a loved one, even loss of a precious home. Our counselors are always willing and ready to dedicate their time and effort, into restoring their inner hearts. Join us in our ministry, to help those people get back on their feet, and start doing good to the society again.

Rev. Valeriy Kesov

Open Doors Slavic Ministries

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